Why Invest In Outdoor Education?

In the world of outdoor ADVENTURE, many voices are competing for your hard-earned dollar.

Web, print, and television advertising continually tempt you to splurge on the latest gear or the best vacation destination of the year. These are reasonable outlets for your cash, but it’s relatively easy to make the argument that there is a potentially more valuable way to improve your outdoor experience than new gear or more exotic destinations.

Offpiste skiing in deep powder snow

Throughout the history of outdoor sports, those new to an activity have traditionally had a mentor, usually a close friend or family member, who showed them the ropes and taught them the techniques, and also the ethics, of their chosen form of outdoor recreation. This was especially true in the world of hunting and fishing where many of us learned valuable lessons at a young age from a close relative.

Elk in the wild
Beautiful brown trout caught by fly fishing.

In the modern world of outdoor adventure sports, and I’m specifically thinking of rock climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing and snowboarding, there is often a different path to gaining skills and knowledge. One of the best, and sometimes the only way, to become proficient and stay safe, is to take a course from a professional guide.


outdoor education is an excellent investment for anyone interested in outdoor adventure

True Experts

  1. Despite the impression that you get from the vast number of gear stores and magazines, climbing and backcountry skiing are niche sports with relatively few serious enthusiasts and even fewer true experts. As a result, not everyone who is interested in becoming skilled at these sports has an effective mentor who can teach them the skills and the decision-making required to enjoy the sport in a fun and safe manner.

    Not Just For Beginners

  2. Outdoor adventure sports are very equipment and knowledge intensive. Navigating trip planning, use, and care of equipment, and related skills like navigation can be overwhelming for anyone, not just the beginners.

    Accelerate The Learning Curve

  3. Outdoor adventure sports also require a long time to get to the point where the participant feels like the skills come naturally, and even longer to reach the advanced or expert level. Anything that you can do to accelerate the learning curve is worthwhile.

    Complex Skills

  4. Complex skills are best learned in a disciplined, systematic environment that follows a “crawl, walk, run” progression from classroom instruction to basic scenarios to outdoor practical application.

    Professional Instruction

  5. All outdoor sports, but especially backcountry skiing and rock climbing, have inherent dangers that rarely exist in other sports. Professional instruction provides not only skills but risk management tactics and decision-making frameworks to reduce risks to a manageable level for the participant.

Woman skier free rider goes down on powder snow in the mountains
Navigating with map and compass, essential backcountry skills
snowboarder is jumping in the mountain forest

Whether you are new to the outdoor adventure world or are a seasoned veteran, mastery of mountain skills is a lifelong pursuit. One of the best investments you can make on this journey is professional outdoor education.


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